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List of water parks in New Jersey

If you are not new to our page, you will know that we have compiled a list of all outdoor water parks in New Jersey.

Find out more about prices, offers, what you can do in each water park, how to get there, and which attractions are the best for you, your partner, or your family. We have everything you need for a wonderful vacation full of family fun! 

Let’s go! Oh, and make sure to share this post with your friends or family so that they don’t miss out on all the fun.

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Part of the Mountain Creek family resort, this water park offers 22  rides and slides for visitors of all ages. However, what makes this resort special isn’t only the incredible on-site water park but also the different activities for children and adults. Check it out below!


This water park features an interesting variety of attractions, such as tube slides, white water raft rides, looping thrill slides, and racing slides.

Mountain Creek Waterpark is also home to the world’s tallest double looping thrill slide Zero-G. Definitely, a must-try!

Attractions suitable for younger kids include a wave pool, a lazy river, as well as a water playground with slides, spray jets, and two cool waterfalls.


Enjoy scenic mountain views in a round trip excursion to Vernon peak. Board the Cabriolet chairlift and discover the beauty of Mountain Creek!

Challenge yourself and your family with the Treescape Ropes Course, a unique adventure park in the treetops! Featuring wooden platforms high in the trees and different rope walks, obstacles, climbing elements, and zip lines, this park will be a fabulous experience for both kids and adults. 

Mountain Creek’s rich offer also features an Alpine Mountain Coaster, Zip Tours, Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding, Golf & Mini Golf, Snow Tubing. Don’t hesitate to try them all!

Things to know before going to MOUNTAIN CREEK WATERPARK

Take a moment to relax from all the thrill and book a cabana for a more private atmosphere with your family. 

At the park, you can find bbq, tacos, or even ice cream for dessert. If all you crave is a refreshing drink, go to one of the bars available on site. 

Forgot your swimsuit? No worries, two on-site shops, Tides and Currents, will have everything you need for a day of carefree enjoyment! 

This water park is part of the Mountain Creek resort that offers lodging and dining. You will not regret staying at this wonderful resort with so many family activities!

2. Runaway Rapids Waterpark (Keansburg)

Included in the Keansburg Amusement Park, this outdoor water park in New Jersey will amaze you with a variety of family-friendly attractions. The Runaway Rapid Water Park features over 18 slides with varying speed, heights, and splash zones. Not to mention that you will have fun even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, with a crazy lazy river, two relaxing spa pools, and more! 

WATER SLIDES IN Runaway Rapids Waterpark

The Runaway Rapids  Waterpark features a variety of slides, ranging from adorable to more extreme ones. With both tube and thrill slides, this water park will give your kids an adrenaline rush, as well as unforgettable memories!

Families can enjoy a calmer atmosphere with 2 lazy rivers and a heated spa pool

For younger kids and toddlers, there is a kiddie lagoon, a water playground with sprayers, slides, and water guns, in addition to a separate toddler play area.

THINGS TO DO IN Runaway Rapids Waterpark

At the Keansburg Amusement Park, apart from thrill rides and coasters, you can enjoy classic family attractions as well. Fly to soaring heights with Pharaoh’s Fury and Loop-O-Plane, or stay grounded with Tea Cups and the Mini-Train, fun is guaranteed anyway.

Family attractions include Batting Cages, Fishing Pier, Haunted Manor, Go-Karts

There are games fair classics as well,  such as water gun, hoops, frog pond, can smash, soccer kick, and more!

However, if you get tired of all the fun and want to relax for a moment, go to the beach of the Keansburg Amusement Park. With free access, you can rest at this sandy beach overlooking the skyline of lower manhattan. Sounds incredible, right?

Things to know before going to Runaway Rapids Waterpark

There is a variety of water park tickets available for purchase. 

However, there are also combo packages for Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapids.  This way you can enjoy 3 hours at Runaway Rapids and get unlimited rides at the amusement park! 

Lodging is not available at the water park, but you can find several inn recommendations on the official website. 

Bringing your own food isn’t allowed, but don’t worry, you won’t be hungry. Several food choices can be found at the park. 

3. The Splashplex Waterpark (Mount Laurel, NJ)

For a well-rounded offer of family attractions,  Splashplex is the perfect outdoor water park in New Jersey. Part of the much larger Funplex Amusement Park, this water park will leave you tired but happy for an amazing adrenaline-filled experience. 

WATER SLIDES IN The Splashplex Waterpark

For adrenaline junkies, there is a variety of water slides to choose from! Apart from a zero-gravity slide with a vertical wall, there are mat racer and speed slides, as well as open and enclosed tube slides

For a more relaxing experience, choose from a relaxation and activity pool or a lazy river while you wait for your kids to have their fair share of fun.

Younger kids can enjoy a magnificent water playground with dump buckets and 5 slides.

THINGS TO DO IN The Splashplex Waterpark

Next to the water park, you can enjoy the amazing family attractions of The Funplex Mount Laurel!

The Funplex features:

  • bumper cars  and boats,
  • thrill rides and coasters,
  • bowling,
  • air shot,
  • laser tag,
  • go-karts,
  • arcade,
  • mini golf,
  • and more.

No matter your preferences, there’s no doubt you will have a wonderful time with your family at this complex!

Things to know before going to the Splashplex Waterpark

Get an exclusive, VIP service in the private Cabanas and Villas available for rent at the water park.

Each Cabana and Villa features lounge seating, roof shade, a ceiling fan, TV, and WiFi. The best part of it all is a preferred waitress food and beverage service delivered right to you so that nothing interrupts your daily rest. 

If you get tired or hungry from all the running around the park’s attractions, take a moment and refuel with lunch and snacks available at the property. This way you will have even more energy for the rest of the day. 


Home to many amusement and water parks, Morey’s Piers and Water Parks also feature the Ocean Oasis. This giant water playground for all ages brings you the ultimate New Jersey summer experience. Don’t miss out on all the fun!


With 6 waterslide attractions, this water park offers a variety of options for a day of family fun!

You can choose between body, racer, or raft slides, such as Riptide Rapids and Shotgun Falls. 

Take your kids to Bonsai Beach, a huge water playground with water jets, slides, climbing ropes, and much more. 

However, if you want to sit back and enjoy, we recommend the park’s “endless” lazy river to unwind for a moment. 


Tired of all the conventional attractions? Go to the activity pool and conquer all the obstacles. Climb the ropes and try not to fall into the water!

Water Lilies Swim Up Bar is a perfect opportunity to get some me-time or hang out with friends away from your kids. All you have to do is swim to this adults-only bar, have a drink, and enjoy yourself. 

Things to know before going to OCEAN OASIS WATER PARK & BEACH CLUB

This water park offers several accommodation options. Check out its official website and find a hotel that suits you best! 

Sit and relax in the shade of these private water park cabanas. Each cabana features seating, shade, and food & beverage service (food and drinks are not included in the rental fee). 

5. Thundering Surf Waterpark (Beach Haven)

At the Thundering Surf Waterpark, visitors of all ages can find a way to have some fun, no matter if they are toddlers, kids, teens, or adults! Apart from incredible slides and family attractions, there is also a surf simulator and two golf courses, perfect for some new challenges. Don’t think twice, check out this waterpark below!

WATER SLIDES IN Thundering Surf Waterpark

This New Jersey water park features a total of 6 slides, among which single, double, open and tunnel slides. One slide is only for kids, while the others are for participants of all ages. 

There is also a lazy, crazy river going around the water park with 30 minutes of lazy mode and 20 minutes of crazy mode

For younger visitors, the park boasts Cowabunga Kids, a water playground with slides and tipping buckets. Toddlers can also enjoy this park, in an area designed perfectly for them with foam slides, floor jets and spray features. Fun is guaranteed no matter your age! 

THINGS TO DO IN Thundering Surf Waterpark

At an extra charge, you can make use of two challenging eighteen-hole golf courses at Adventure Golf. The courses are part of a beautifully designed landscape, with caves, waterfalls, and suspended bridges. A perfect setting for learning a new skill, right?

Have you ever tried surfing in your life? If not, Flow Rider is the perfect place to start. Catch your first waves with this surfing simulator included in waterpark admission. You can also attend surf lessons and parties, available during Flow House hours. 

Things to know before going to Thundering Surf Waterpark

Take a break in a relaxing atmosphere of these private cabanas available for rent. Each cabana includes cabana complete with lounge chairs, deck chairs, tables, a complimentary locker, complimentary water bottles, and waitress service. Cabanas can be rent for 3 hours or for the whole day, but both cabanas must be purchased or booked in advance.

At the Thundering Surf you can buy everything you need, T-shirts, sunscreen, and towels, just to name a few. 

If you get hungry, there’s no need to worry, since this waterpark counts with several dining options which serve snacks, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, and much more.

6. Six Flags (Hurricane HArbor)

We’re sure Hurricane Harbor water parks don’t need an extensive introduction, the name speaks for itself. Colorful and thrill slides, picturesque environment, as well as a relaxing sundeck with cabanas, this water park has it all!


With a total of 9 water slides, visitors are guaranteed a day of family fun! 

You can enjoy family raft rides and body slides, which range from mild to maximum thrill. You should definitely try the  Tornado, the Hurricane Mountain and the Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls for an incredible adrenaline rush!

The water park also includes Carribean Cove and Discovery Bay, aquatic playgrounds with dumping buckets, multiple slides, sprays, fountains, jets, geysers  and a shallow pool. 

Attractions which don’t have a minimum height requirement include a wave pool, a lazy river and an activity pool, perfect for toddlers or smaller kids. 


At certain periods, there are events taking place at the water park. Don’t forget to check their official website and enjoy even more your stay at the Hurricane Harbor. 

The Hurricane Harbor includes 14 bars and restaurants, which serve different meals and offer a variety of environments to eat in. Exactly what you need to keep you fueled for a day of family fun!

Different shops with all things necessary for your stay at the waterpark can be found on-site. They really thought of everything!

Things to know before going to Six Flags

When buying your tickets, think of purchasing one-day add-ons such as the Dining pass, THE FLASH Pass, a Digital Photo Pass and more. This way you can enhance your stay or even avoid the lines and save you some precious time.

Book one of the 31 private cabanas located next to the wave pool. Perfect for families, these cabana packages include bottled water, tube rentals, food, lounge chairs, refrigerator and fan, depending on the package you select

7. Land of Make Believe (Hope)

The Land of Make Believe started from an idea for parents to become kids again, and no longer merely spectators of their kids having fun. Therefore, a beautiful valley has been transformed into a family fun oasis. At this park, you can enjoy attractions both at an amusement park and a waterpark, a wonderful experience no matter your preferences! 

WATER SLIDES IN Land of Make Believe

This waterpark offers different body or raft slides. For extreme thrill, try the dual racing slide, or the Black Hole, whose name says it all. 

For a calmer experience, you can enjoy the lazy river, America’s largest wading pool, or even a giant aquatic playground which features splash pads, small slides and a giant pirate ship. 

THINGS TO DO IN Land of Make Believe

The amusement park offers a variety of thrill and classic family attractions. For adrenaline enthusiasts, we recommend the Tornado or the Drop & Twist, but if you’re not a fan, don’t worry. Take your kids to the Grand Carousel, Santa’s Barn or the Arcade for a calmer but equally fun experience. 

For animal lovers, the amusement park boasts attractions such as the Off Road Safari Adventure, where you can observe animals from afar, and Old McDonald’s Farm with domestic farm animals.  


Things to know before going to Land of Make Believe

This is one of the only waterparks which allows you to either bring your own food or buy food on-site at a reasonable price. No matter what you choose, there is a extensive picnic area where you can eat with your family. 

The Land of Make Believe features free parking and lockers available for rent

In case of inclement weather or any other reason, this park offers no refund, so make sure to have that in mind when choosing the day of your visit. 



Located on the Boardwalk in New Jersey, the Raging Waters Water Park is a real family fun oasis! Take your kids to this lovely park full of versatile and challenging attractions, as well as delicious food and good vibes. We are sure you will have a blast!


With a total of 5 water slide attractions, this park offers everything from speed to raft slides, both serpentine and shotgun ones. 

However, what makes the Raging Rivers special is a great variety of pools and attractions suitable for kids. For younger visitors, there is a fountain and an activity pool, as well as the Camp KidTastrophe with three levels of activities. That sounds fun, huh? 


Take a moment and go to this barefoot beach bar with the best bbq dishes! Apart from food and drinks, at the Pidgdog Beach Bar, you can enjoy daily live entertainment, perfect for a small break from all the thrill. 

Things to know before going to RAGING WATERS WATER PARK

This water park offers several accommodation options. Check out its official website and find a hotel that suits you best! 

Sit and relax in the shade of private water park cabanas. Each cabana features seating, shade, and food & beverage service (food and drinks are not included in the rental fee). 

9. OC Waterpark (Ocean City)

Water park and golf, a match made in heaven? When it comes to this park, that is definitely true. With a fair share of slides and family attractions, the OC features a golf course as well. Enjoy the activities, or simply relax in a private atmosphere of your cabana, leisure is always a good idea.


There are 3 water slide attractions on site, the Serpentine Body Slide, the Splashdown and the Sky Pond Journey, which makes 2 body slides and 1 tube slide

Younger visitors can count on Lil Buc’s Bay, a kid-friendly aquatic playground with small slides and splash pads. 

Also, there is a relaxing lazy river winding through turns and waterfalls at a slower speed. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! 


Take a break from the slides at the OC Adventure Golf Course, perfect for both pros and junior players. Enjoy the scenic landscape and play golf in a jungle-like setting! 

Things to know before going to OC Waterpark

You can purchase a variety of tickets at the waterpark’s official website. There is a spectator, toddler, 3-hour or all day ticket package available for purchase so make sure to grab yours!

Spend a day with your family in a lovely private 10’x 10′ cabana with seating, privacy curtains, roof shading and much more! Cabanas are available on a first come, first served basis, but we definitely recommend making your reservation online prior to your visit

10. The Splashplex Waterpark (East Hanover, NJ)

Part of the Funplex Amusement Parks franchise, the Splashplex has a reputation of its own. Apart from water slides and family rides, there are several other activities for  visitors of all ages! Just keep an open mind and try whatever makes you happy, an unforgettable experience is inevitable. 

WATER SLIDES IN The Splashplex Waterpark

Try the Splashplex signature open and enclosed tube slides and let your fun take surprising twists and turns! There is also are also 2 body and speed slides, perfect for an incredible adrenaline rush you’ve been longing for.  

For a calmer experience, choose a relaxing lazy river or the infinity pool with water cascades

Kids can also enjoy an interactive pool designed specifically for them, with water blasters, splash detonators and a massive hydro tower.

THINGS TO DO IN The Splashplex Waterpark

Next to the water park, you can enjoy the amazing family attractions of The Funplex East Hanover!

The Funplex features:

  • arcade,
  • virtual reality experience
  • thrill rides and coasters,
  • bowling,
  • warrior course,
  • bumper cars,
  • laser tag,
  • go-karts,
  • and more.

Pick your favorite activities or try them all, we are sure you will have a blast!

Things to know before going to The Splashplex Waterpark

For a VIP service, opt for private Cabanas and Villas available for rent at the water park.

Each Cabana and Villa features lounge seating, roof shade, a ceiling fan, TV, and WiFi. You will also get a preferred waitress food and beverage service to make sure you get proper rest while your food is being brought to you. 

If you get tired or hungry from all the running around the park’s attractions, there are lunch and snacks available at the property. You don’t have to fear about not having enough energy to push through the day,  they got it covered!


The Splash Zone Waterpark is a perfect mix of thrill and relaxation, the closest you can get to a family fun oasis. Visitors of all ages can enjoy speed slides, a children’s water playground and sunbathing areas, according to their vision of a fun day spent with family! 


Raft rides, body flumes, single or double tube slides of different thrill levels, this water park has it all!

For kids, there are also giant water playgrounds with dumping buckets, geysers, fountains, bridges, nets and much more!

If you just want to sit back and enjoy the sun, opt for a lazy river that meanders through the park. 


You live in an area where surfing isn’t possible? No worries, Wildwood’s only FlowRider at the Splash Zone will give you a chance to catch some waves. 

This discipline involves a stand-up riding and bodyboarding, depending on your skill or preference. More advanced riders are free to try some new tricks, while newbies are encouraged to enjoy a more grounded ride. 

In any case, a new skill is coming your way!

Things to know before going to SPLASH ZONE WATERPARK

This water park offers cabana, chair and locker rentals to enhance your visit. You can rent cabanas for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people and some cabana rentals also include free parking.

If the waterpark is forced to close due to bad weather, you will be issued a Weather Guarantee for select sessions (either morning, afternoon or a mix between the two if you had an all day pass).

12. Breakwater Beach Water Park (Breakwater Beach)

It doesn’t come as a surprise that precisely Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach is considered to be one of the best family amusement parks in New Jersey. This park has it all, family attractions, roller coasters, arcades, food stands, and incredible water slides. You can’t go wrong with this one!

WATER SLIDES IN Breakwater Beach Water Park

The variety of attractions this waterpark features ranges from serpentine to tube slides, as well as a 6-lane racing slide, perfect for a family competition. 

For maximum thrill, we encourage you to try the Aqua drop free fall body slide, you will definitely feel the rush. 

Milder family attractions include a wave pool, a lazy river, hot tub springs, and an interactive, multi-level play area for kids. 

THINGS TO DO IN Breakwater Beach Water Park

The Casino Pier Amusement Park offers an incredible amount of attractions, perfect for a family fun day! 

There are different roller coasters, thrilling rides, as well as some attraction classics, such as bumper cars and the ferris wheel.

You can also try the Skyride, Skyscraper and SkyCoaster, all of them offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Moreover, don’t forget to learn some new golf skills at the Smuggler’s Quay Adventure Golf and the Wacky Rooftop Golf

Some family competition awaits at the Casino Pier’s Midway games and Arcade. Win prizes, test your skills and most importantly, have a blast!


Things to know before going to Breakwater Beach Water Park

If you want to enjoy this waterpark without worrying about food or free chairs, make sure to book a private cabana online 48 hours prior to your arrival. A limited number of cabanas is available at a first come, first served policy. 

In case of severe weather conditions, you can exchange your wristbands for a return ticket for another day. Rest assured there is no need for a rain-go-away ritual!

13. Clementon Park & Splashworld (Clementon)

Clementon really is a huge playground for visitors of all ages! Theme park, water park, food and games, everything you need is at hand. The best thing is that you don’t have to choose only one option, all  rides and splash world attractions are included in your ticket. 

WATER SLIDES IN Clementon Park & Splashworld

The Splashworld features 4 water slide attractions: a family raft ride, a racing slide, an enclosed tube slide and a free-fall drop

The latter, known as Torpedo Rush, will definitely boost your adrenaline in many ways! 

Not a fan of water slides? Don’t worry, at Splashworld they thought of that too! Family attractions include the Laguna Kahuna and the Shipwreck Bay, two themed water playground with slides, splashes and play platforms, perfect for smaller children. 

Offering instant relax, this water park boasts a wave bay and a lazy river, where the currents take you for a leisurely float. 

THINGS TO DO IN Clementon Park & Splashworld

The theme park offers numerous thrill, family, and kiddie rides, which you can enjoy while taking a break from the water park. We recommend attractions, such as the Samba Tower, the Sea Dragon, and the Thunder Drop, which combine thrill with some splendid views overlooking the park.

You can put your skills to the test with games such as Whac-A-Mole, Balloon Busters, Ring Toss and Long/Short Range Basketball. A family competition is always a good idea!

Things to know before going to Clementon Park & Splashworld

At the Clementon Park & Splashworld, lodging and shopping will be available soon, so make sure to follow their website and be the first to know about the updates!

You can purchase different ticket packages according to height and age categories, but keep in mind that children 2 and under can have fun at the park for free. Also, we encourage you to buy your tickets online and save you some precious tome you would otherwise spend waiting in line at the park. 

The Clementon Park & Splashworld offers several dining options, so pick your favorite and make up all the energy you lost running around the park.

14. Diggerland USA (west Berlin)

Diggerland USA is America’s only construction theme & water park! With over 40 attractions, there is absolutely no way you or your kids get bored of the park. From the Water Main to the Heavy Machine Experience, this park is truly one of a kind. 


What is a water park without slides? Duggerland features a Slide Tower with two body water slides, feel the rush and try them all! 

For “athlete” visitors who like challenges, there is a Wibit-Brand Challenge Course, a Swim Vortex and an In-Pool Basketball Area, ideal for a daily workout. 

The Water Main also features several attractions perfect for families with kids, including Themed Splash Park and Fun Family Splash Activities.

If you are in need of a break, you can enjoy Family and Leisure Swim Zones, and recover from all the fuss of a day at the waterpark.  


The Duggerland theme park offers attractions that make you feel as if you just entered a construction site. Some attractions require you to sit back and enjoy the thrill, while others need you to take the matter in your own hands and drive real vehicles used at the construction site, such as diggers, tractors and trucks. 

The vast repertoire of attractions extends to a Ropes Course, a Video Arcade, Bumper Cars and a Wall Climb attraction. Oh, did we forgot to mention a panoramic zipline?

Things to know before going to Diggerland USA

Get the most out of your experience at the Water Main with private cabanas that can fit up to 5 people. Each cabana includes lounge and deck chairs, a refrigerator, power outlet and ceiling fan. With this purchase, the heat will be less of a big deal.  

In case of inclement weather, if the park or a majority of its attractions close for more than two hours, guests will receive a complimentary “rain check” ticket valid for one later regular operating day. 

15. Crystal Springs Family Waterpark (East Brunswick)

Crystal Springs, the first municipal waterpark in New Jersey, is a simple, yet lovely destination for water lovers. This waterpark might be a bit low-profile, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. On the contrary, you will find everything you need and probably more peace and privacy than would have at other waterparks of NJ.

WATER SLIDES IN Crystal Springs Family Waterpark

The Crystal Springs Waterpark is more suitable for lovers of leisure than adrenaline junkies.

The park’s offer includes several waterslides of a mild thrill level, a spray park and a relaxing lazy river.

However, there is a significant amount of pools, including activity, family, kiddie, lap and recreational pools.

All visitors higher than 48 inches can enjoy the entire park, except the kiddie pool, which has no height requirement. Keep that in mind if you’re coming with smaller children. 

THINGS TO DO IN Crystal Springs Family Waterpark

Got hungry or need some sunscreen? This and more you can buy at the concession stand located at the Crystal Springs. They offer different menu options, as well as a variety of waterpark necessities you can make good use of during your stay. 

Things to know before going to Crystal Springs Family Waterpark

This waterpark is unique in comparison to other parks for many factors. For instance, here you cannot rent a cabana, but the park features chairs, lockers, grills or picnic tables, you can enjoy with your family members.   Also, this water park allows you to bring your own food, which makes the picnic option even more attractive. There’s no food like home-cooked food! 

When it comes to bad weather, no refunds and rain checks will be issued, so make sure to inform yourself on the forecast before your visit. 


  • What are the best water parks in New Jersey for families?

    For the best family water parks we have to point out both Splashplex Waterparks. What we think deserves special attention is the rich offer of both waterpark and theme park attractions, which do not leave room for boredom.  Lest we forget all the incredible activities of the Funplex Parks, which include arcades, bumper cars, bowling, laser tag and much more! Spice up your family vacation with this fun ingredient, you won't regret it!

  • What do you have to know before going to water parks in New Jersey?

    When it comes to some useful tips, we definitely recommend checking the bad weather policy of each water park you plan on visiting. Also, make sure to see if you are allowed to bring you own food, since buying food on site can get a bit costly sometimes. The working hours of some parks change as well, therefore, we always recommend double-checking everything before your arrival. Height requirements can be a problem too, but most parks do offer some attractions suitable for all visitors. Still, getting informed cannot do you harm, and we always encourage you to come prepared. 

  • What is the best water park in New Jersey for adults?

    The best water park for adults in New Jersey is by far the Mountain Creek Waterpark! Not only does it provide an incredible variety of slides and raft rides, but it also offers different outdoor activities for lovers of breathtaking views or an adrenaline rush. With a total of 22 rides and slides, we doubt any park can top the experience provided by the Mountain Creek resort. 

New Jersey: Outdoor Water Park Videos

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