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If you are not new to our page, you will know that we have compiled a list of all water parks in Round Rock. 

Find out more about prices, offers, what you can do in each water park, how to get there, and which attractions are the best for you, your partner, or your family. We have everything you need for a wonderful vacation full of family fun! 

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Typhoon Texas (Austin)

Typhoon Texas, located just a 10-minute drive from Round Rock, features incredible family attractions, such as thrill slides, an aerial ropes course and zip lines.  What makes this park perfect for all ages are attractions suitable for toddlers, younger children, teens, and adults. 

Water Slides in Typhoon Texas

All visitors can enjoy 9 waterslide attractions in total, including,  high-speed and free-fall slides, as well as mat racers and tube slides.

For younger kids and toddlers, there is a splash pad with miniature slides and interactive water features, whereas children ages 3 to 12 can enjoy a giant water playground with an 800-gallon water bucket and a 4-story play structure. 

Families have at their disposal other, more relaxing relaxing attractions, such as the wave pool, lazy river, and the activity pool.  The latter also features basketball hoops and a water walkway cargo crawl, which makes it pretty challenging for kids!

Things to do in Typhoon Texas

The dining options at the water park include dishes like corn dogs, chicken tenders, pizzas, tacos, ice cream, drinks, and ICEE. Everything you need to recover your energy, you can find at the  Typhoon Texas Water Park!

The Typhoon Texas also includes an Adventure Park with the Challenge Course, Cargo Net, Big Island Adventure Trail, Free Fall, Rock Climbing Wall, and Pineapple Express Zip Line Tour. Bear in mind that, for these attractions, you have to bring dry clothes and appropriate shoes, otherwise, you won’t be able to put your skills to the test!

Things to know before going to Typhoon Texas

For a more private atmosphere out of the sun, book one of the three types of cabanas available for booking rent. Each of the Premier, Plus, and Standard Cabanas includes different amenities, so make sure to visit their website and find the option that suits best your needs!

Volente Beach Waterpark (leander)

Take your family to this lakefront boutique water park and enjoy several days of fun and games! The best part is the attractions, but the extra activities available don’t lag behind.  Sand volleyball, sunset cruises, and events, Volente really has it all!

Water Slides in Volente Beach Waterpark

At the Volente Beach Water Park, visitors of all ages will enjoy hours and hours of good fun! 

There are several different slides, among which we recommend the Flash Flood, the Texas Twister, and the Roadrunner. Also, younger children will enjoy a giant pirate ship with interactive play features and small slides. To make your family fun day even more interesting, Volente Beach features an activity pool that will put your kids’ skills to the test and entertain them for a long time.

Things to do in Volente Beach Waterpark

Apart from the water attractions, at Volente Beach, you can attend events and parties, enjoy a sunset cruise at the lake or play sand volleyball at the on-site court. Also, there is a beach on the lake, as well as a protected swim area, which you can use to spend some time with your kids or teach them how to swim. 

Things to know before going to Volente Beach Waterpark

What makes this water park special is the accommodation part which will make you want to stay there forever. Have a wonderful “glamping” experience and book one of the 8 eclectic and updated bungalows or stay at a lake house of the Volente Beach Resort. This way, you will be able to enjoy all the features of the resort for an extended period. More time, more fun!



Rock’N River Water Park (Round Rock)

Located within Old Settlers Park, the Rock’N River Water Park features an incredible water attraction spread across 150,000 square feet. Recently, the park underwent an expansion, which makes this park one of the best pit stops on your family trip in Round Rock! 

Water Slides in Rock’N River Water Park

This family-friendly water park in Round Rock boasts a lazy river, numerous slides, interactive play features, and a giant water playground. 

With the recent expansion, the park became richer for a huge sprayground with 51 play jets, tipping cone, water guns, water slides, and net obstacles.

There is also a drop slide into a deepwater lagoon, integrated into the rock climbing area, and a 12-foot jumping platform, perfect for the bravest among you! 

Things to do in Rock’N River Water Park

Rock’N River also includes a synthetic rock climbing wall with a waterfall feature. If rock climbing is too much for you, activities such as water volleyball and basketball are available at the water park as well. A bit of family competition is always a great idea! 

When it comes to food, you can either bring your food or have a meal at the new food truck service area. Energy is a prerequisite for an exhausting day of family fun! 

Things to know before going to Rock’N River Water Park

Rock’N River Water Park includes a variety of cabanas, octagons, bungalows, umbrellas, loungers, pergolas, and party pavilions available for rent.  Mind you, all these rentals differ in terms of amenities and capacity, so make sure to inform yourself on time. 

Another important feature of this water park is rain passes issued when the weather conditions make it impossible for the attractions to remain open. These passes can be used for another visit to the park when the weather permits you to do so. 

Micki Krebsbach Pool (Round ROck)

This simple, yet entertaining water park in Round Rock provides you with a fair share of family attractions, including slides, water playgrounds, and pools. However, this park is a better option for families with younger kids, given the lack of extreme attractions. 

Water Slides in Micki Krebsbach Pool

The Micki Krebsbach Pool features multiple interactive features designed specifically for your family. These attractions include a pirate ship, a crate walk, and a large slide.

However, the centerpiece of the Pool is a 26 foot long and 23 feet high pirate ship, perfect for all ages! This giant water playground features wet and wild climbing angles, 2 slides, and water cannons, which will all account for a lovely family fun day! 

Things to do in Micki Krebsbach Pool

If you get tired of playing around, at the Micki Krebsbach Pool, you can also get a small workout! There are multiple lanes of swim area where you can lap swim or get active with water fitness. However, if you wish to rest, then just opt for the loungers and shaded areas, you won’t regret it! 

Things to know before going to Micki Krebsbach Pool

During the summer swim season, guests of the Micki Krebsbach Pool have several shaded areas available for rent. These rental areas will keep your family together and provide you with a more private refuge from the scorching sun! 


  • What are the best water parks in Round Rock for families?

    When it comes to the best water parks in Round Rock for families, we highly recommend Typhoon Texas and Volente Beach Waterpark. Both parks contain both family and thrill slights, as well as playgrounds for younger visitors. Whichever you choose, you won't regret your decision, we're sure of it!

  • What do you have to know before going to water parks in Round Rock?

    As with all the trips you do, first, explore the offer of attractions for each water park and the prices of daily tickets. Another important thing is the rain check, but if you choose a sunny day for a visit, that will be the least of your concerns. Also, check if the water park is in or near Round Rock, given that you may be limited with time and decide to skip it if it's too far. 

  • What is the best water park in Round Rock for adults?

    Typhoon Texas is by far the best water park in Round Rock for adults! With 9 water slide attractions, among which thrill ones as well, you won't have to sacrifice your amusement for your kids'. They will have attractions that suit their height and age, but you will still have your fair share of fun with these waterslides. Best of both worlds indeed!

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