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If you are not new to our page, you will know that we have compiled a list of all water parks in Michigan.

Find out more about prices, offers, what you can do in each water park, how to get there, and which attractions are the best for you, your partner, or your family. We have everything you need for a wonderful vacation full of family fun! 

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WildWater Adventure Water Park

Part of Michigan’s Adventure,  this incredible water park is the largest outdoor water park in the whole state! Both families and thrill-seekers are welcome to explore all the twists and turns of this waterpark and its entertaining attractions. 

Water Slides in Adventure Water Park

At WildWater park, there are 7 thrill water slides and raft rides for the whole family. Our faves are Snake Pit, Slidewinders, and the Funnel of Fear, all of them high-adrenaline experiences.

Family rides include a lazy river, three wave pools, and a giant aquatic playground with spray guns, rope bridges, geysers, and small slides for guests of all ages.

For younger children, there are two kiddie pools, one kids’ water play area, and a two-in-one kiddie slides area.


Things to do in WildWater Adventure Water Park

Michigan’s Adventure offers thrill rollercoasters and incredible rides for the whole family. Toddlers, kids, teens, and adults, everyone will find something to enjoy in this wonderful family fun oasis. 

Camp Snoopy is also a wonderful addition to this experience. The camp features five family rides, including a family-friendly roller coaster surrounded by beautiful landscapes ready to be explored. 


Things to know before going to WildWater Adventure Water Park

Book your stay with one of Michigan’s Adventure preferred hotels and save on the park tickets for your family trip. 

Apart from daily passes, you can purchase several daily add-ons to your ticket. These include fast lane and photo passes, as well as a cabana rental for the best experience there is. 


  • What are the best water parks in Michigan for families?

    When it comes to the best water parks for families, our top three would be the WildWater Adventure Water Park, Rolling Hills Water Park, and Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center. All these parks have a good offer of kid-friendly attractions and waterslides for thrill-seekers, which make them a perfect choice for families with kids. 

  • What do you have to know before going to water parks in Michigan?

    With outdoor water parks, we recommend first checking their location and the weather forecast for the day of your visit. Also, if you don't like to be in the sun for the whole day, look up if there are any shade areas or cabanas available for rent. Food is also a thing you should consider, therefore, we encourage you to see if you can bring outside food into the facility or if the facility counts with concession stands.

  • What is the best water park in Michigan for adults?

    The best water park for adults is undoubtedly the WildWater Adventure Water Park. This park offers an incredible range of thrill slides for the most extreme adrenaline junkies and the rollercoasters in the amusement park are a great addition to it. Therefore, if your goal is to get amused as well as your kids, this is the place to go!

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