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If you are not new to our page, you will know that we have compiled a list of the best outdoor water parks in Los Angeles.

Find out more about prices, offers, what you can do in each water park, how to get there, and which attractions are the best for you, your partner, or your family. If you’re looking for a good outdoor water park in Los Angeles, we have everything you need for a wonderful vacation full of family fun! 

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Knott's Soak City (Buena Park)

Located on a 160-acre, Knott’s has become a synonym for family fun when it comes to outdoor water parks in Los Angeles! What started as a small family farm, grew into a world-famous destination with rides, slides, shows, and other attractions for all ages. Check it out below! 

Water Slides in Knott's Soak City

With 6 thrill attractions, Soak City is the perfect choice for lovers of more extreme water slides. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed with raft rides, body flumes, open and enclosed tube slides, and a 6-lane mat racer, which will give you a small healthy competition with your family. 

Family attractions include a giant 3-story water playground with interactive play features and a 500-gallon dumping bucket on top. This play structure also contains two smaller body slides, suitable for younger visitors. There is also a water play area for toddlers, a lazy river, and a wave pool, for a more relaxing experience. 


Things to do in Knott's Soak City

If you plan to visit Soak City, do not miss the Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park. More than 45 attractions await you there, including family rides and rollercoasters, as well as unique experiences and picturesque landscapes. Thrill-seekers, we encourage you to try Montezooma’s Revenge, the GhostRider, and the Xcelerator, adrenaline rush is guaranteed. 


Things to know before going to Knott's Soak City

At the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, your family can find accommodation near the parks, and often get discounted admission to the theme parks or free dining options for kids. Make sure to stay tuned for fresh information on the park’s official website. 

A more private atmosphere with your family and friends is viable if you book one of the poolside cabanas at the Soak City. Each cabana can accommodate up to 8 people and includes four lounge chairs, waiter service, and a patio table with 4 chairs. 

Hurricane Harbor LA (Valencia)

With a total of 13 rides, Hurricane Harbour offers everything from kid- and family-friendly rides to thrilling waterslides. No matter if your kids are older or younger, they will find something for themselves anyway at this enormous outdoor water park in Los Angeles.

Water Slides in Hurricane Harbor LA

A total of 7 thrill attractions await you at Hurricane Harbour LA!  Body flumes, free-fall slides, and raft rides will spike up your adrenaline and give you the best time ever! Our top three extreme attractions include the Bonzai Pipelines, Black Snake Summit, and Python Plunge.

There are two giant water playgrounds for toddlers and kids! Both attractions are filled with mini-water slides, canons, animal statues, and other play elements for the little ones.  

Attractions for the whole family include a family raft adventure and a 6-lane racer slide, which can turn your fun day into a small competition. If you do not like the rush, opt for the park’s wave pool or the 1,300-foot long lazy river and take a moment for yourself! 

Things to do in Hurricane Harbor LA

Since outside food and beverages aren’t allowed to be brought into the park, we present you with the solution for hangry kids! 

There are several dining options on-site, which include bars and restaurants with coffee, juices, burgers, hot dogs, desserts, and much more! Plenty of choices to replenish your energy and take a break from all the activities.  

Things to know before going to Hurricane Harbor LA

Before buying a ticket, we encourage you to inform yourself of the weather for the day day of your visit. This is important because Hurricane Harbour offers no refunds or rain checks in case of inclement weather, which means you will not be able to enjoy all the attractions fully.

Also, you can purchase a one-day cabana add-on to your ticket and spend a day in a more private atmosphere with your loved ones. 

For prices and amenities of the poolside cabanas at Hurricane Harbour, make sure to visit their official website

Raging Waters (San Dimas)

With 50-acres of adventure and more water rides than any other park in Southern California, Ragin Waters is known as the largest outdoor water park in Los Angeles. This park is ideal for both young children and adults, so you might want to give it a try! 

Water Slides in Raging Waters

Sixteen water attractions are more than enough for a full day of family fun! 

Teens and adults can try speed and racing slides, water coasters, raft rides, and flumes, which will make this experience filled with adrenaline and good times. 

However, Raging Water is known to be a family oasis for the diversity of attractions suitable for kids. Apart from a water obstacle course, they can play in a total of four water playgrounds designed specifically for them, with mini slides, fountains, waterfalls, and other interactive elements. 

If you long for a bit of relaxation, Raging Waters offers a million-gallon wave pool with three-foot waves and a tropical lazy river to enjoy in your tube. 

Things to do in Raging Waters

When water activities no longer amuse you, enjoy one of their entertaining shows or events! For fresh news and the latest calendar updates, follow their official website and stay tuned. 

Another way of taking a break is by visiting one of the coffee shops and restaurants available on-site. Crave burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream? No problem, you’ll find everything you need at Raging Waters Dining! 

Things to know before going to Raging Waters

If you plan to visit the park with a group of up to 12 people, make sure to stay together and book one of the private cabanas on-site. Different cabana packages are available for rent, so make sure to make your choice according to the capacity and amenities each package offers. Visit their website for more info!

Time is money? Definitely! And with the H2Go you can save some time and have fun instead of spending endless hours queueing. Choose between a Premium and Standard option and optimize your time according to your needs. Bear in mind that a limited amount of H2Go Passes is available for purchase every day, so make sure to buy yours before they sell out. 

LEGOLAND Water Park (Carlsbad)

This huge family resort consists of a theme park and 2 water park areas, both of which are included in the general admission ticket for the LEGOLAND Resort. Also, an on-site hotel makes it possible for the fun to last for days, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Water Slides in LEGOLAND Water Park

The LEGOLAND Water Park attractions include several body slides, several play areas for kids and toddlers, raft slides, and flumes for visitors of all ages. 
What makes these attractions special is that some of them try to spark the creativity of the little ones, which makes playtime both fun and productive. 

At the CHIMA Water Park, apart from three water slides, you can find a wave pool and build-a-LEGO-boat station

Both of these water parks are included in your daily pass and we’re sure your kids will love them! 

Things to do in LEGOLAND Water Park

At the LEGOLAND Theme Park, your kids can enjoy the fascinating world of LEGO blocks and use them to build different things. Furthermore, your family can enjoy several rides and rollercoasters, all decorated in sync with the colorful theme of the park. There are also some unique experiences you can’t find in any other parks in LA, which makes the LEGOLAND Resort a must if your kids love their LEGOs.

And best of all, everything is included in the general admission ticket for the theme park! 

Things to know before going to LEGOLAND Water Park

LEGOLAND Hotel and Castle Hotel are available in the proximity of the park if you are looking for accommodation. If you book your stay at one of these hotels, you will get a 2-Day Hopper Ticket, giving entry to LEGOLAND theme park, SEA LIFE® aquarium, and LEGOLAND Water Park

A VIP experience is possible if you decide to book one of the poolside cabanas available for rent. You have 2 packages to choose from: the Standard and the Premium Cabana, which differ in price and amenities, so make sure to check the details online. 

Splash! (La Mirada)

At Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center you can enjoy the Buccaneer Bay Waterpark, take swim lessons, or lap swim, according to your mood. All ages are welcome at this pirate-themed family water park, do not miss it!

Water Slides in Splash!

Buccaneer Bay features interesting family-friendly attractions mixed with pirate-theme decorative elements, which will make you live a real and proper adventure! 

At the Buccaneer Bay, you can find three incredible slides, including one 6-lane racer, perfect for a small family competition. 

Younger visitors will enjoy two spray pad areas and an interactive play structure with mini-slides, sprayers, and a dumping bucket on top. 

Other, more relaxing attractions include a flowing river channel and a zero-depth beach entry, perfect for a pause from all the running around the park. 

Things to do in Splash!

Other than water slides and play areas, Buccaneer Bay sometimes hosts special events, such as  Swim- In Movies, which transforms the water facilities into a huge aquatic cinema. Take your kids to see their favorite movies and enjoy the atmosphere of an open-air movie. 

Apart from the water park, Splash! also includes incredible swimming facilities which offer swim lessons and recreational lap swim for visitors. For swimming fees and prices, visit the park’s official website. 

Things to know before going to Splash!

Who said water parks are reserved for fun only? If you rent a cabana or a lounger cabana, you will get your fair share of both fun and relaxation at once!  Lounger cabanas accommodate 2 people, while regular cabanas are suitable for groups from 4 to six people. Find more information about the rentals on the park’s official website. 

General admission packages include a regular and discounted price (for juniors and seniors), whereas children 2 and under use the water park for free.

Buccaneer Cove (Riverside)

Part of the Castle Park amusement park, Buccaneer Cove is the perfect addition to your family trip! At Castle Park, you can enjoy the water park, the amusement park, mini-golf courses, and events that will entertain you the whole day. 

Water Slides in Buccaneer Cove

Buccaneer Cove features a four-level water play structure for family play! 

This giant water playground features 5 water slides, cylinder spray fountains, spray cannons, aqua domes, and spray loops, which amounts to hours and hours of wild fun! 

Things to do in Buccaneer Cove

What makes Buccaneer Cove an excellent choice are the extra activities available at Castle Park. You can enjoy rollercoasters and thrill rides at The Ride Park, play video games at the Arcade or challenge your family to a game of Mini Golf. There are four 18-hole courses where you can improve your skills or even get a mini-golf lesson for the first time! 

Things to know before going to Buccaneer Cove

If you need a moment out of the sun, rent lounge chairs, seating, or even private cabanas and get the best out of this experience. What’s better than a private atmosphere to relax in such a crowded place?

Two general admission packages are available for purchase, for guests under and over 48″, whereas if you want to try mini-golf, you have to buy separate packages. Explore more about the admission on their website. 

DryTown Water Park (Palmdale)

Visitors of all ages will love this cute water park with diverse attractions. Six beautifully landscaped acres await you and your kids to slide down the thrill slides, play in the splash area or chill in your lounger. Sounds good!

Water Slides in DryTown Water Park

Thrill-lovers will absolutely enjoy the slide tower with 3 extreme slides: the Devil’s Punchbowl, Rattler’s Revenge, and Wildcatter. There’s also the Dusty’s Mineshaft Racer, a 4-lane mat racer slide, perfect for a little family competition. 

For younger visitors, DryTown offers the Little Miner’s Camp, a huge water playground with small slides, sprayers, and a dumping bucket for splashing around. 

If all you want to do is chill, take a tube, and float down the Big Rock River. Chill zone is more than necessary during such an active day!

Things to do in DryTown Water Park

Active guests can enjoy a lap swim in the Oasis Pool, located at the facility. However, bear in mind that this pool isn’t part of the water park experience, which requires you to pay for it separately

Things to know before going to DryTown Water Park

DryTown Water Park includes poolside cabanas available for rent, which will give you a moment of peace in the midst of the crowd. For more information about the pricing and amenities, make sure to visit their website. 

Several events are organized at the water park, so we encourage you to keep up with the calendar on their website and get the best experience possible. For these events, special tickets must be purchased in order to take part in it. Hurry up before they sell out! 

The Adventure Lagoon (Anaheim)

If you’re looking for different water fun for your family, the Adventure Lagoon is definitely a good idea! With its aqua park, paddle boarding, water volleyball, pedal, and bumper boats, we’re convinced there’s no room for boredom.

Water Slides in The Adventure Lagoon

The water obstacle course at the Adventure Lagoon will be enough for hours and hours of fun with your kids. Not only that, this fun little workout will put all your skills to the test and give you unforgettable memories from your trip. 

The course features several challenging elements, such as the bouncing dome, trampolines, several zero-entry slides, and climbing structures of different difficulty levels.  

It doesn’t matter if your family consists of beginners or professionals, fun is guaranteed either way!

Things to do in The Adventure Lagoon

Apart from the massive aqua park on the lake, Adventure Lagoon is known for all the extra activities available on-site. Here you can try paddle boarding, kayaking, as well as pedal, and bumper boats, all of which your family will absolutely love. 

If you’re more into sports, try playing water volleyball with your loved ones. We assure you that a bit of competition will be the best way to end a family trip. Besides, you don’t get a chance to try this sport every day! 

Things to know before going to The Adventure Lagoon

If you planned to do a family picnic at the beach, think twice! Outside food and beverages aren’t allowed at the Adventure Lagoon, but there are several food trucks with drinks, burgers, nachos, tacos, churros, and more, where you can buy everything you need. 

The pricing is very versatile and is divided by activities, so make sure to check out their website and choose the activities you want t try during your family day. Paddle Boats are free for ages 5 and under, but you will have to buy a general admission ticket for your kids first if they belong to this category.  



  • What are the best water parks in Los Angeles for families?

    When it comes to the best family-friendly water parks in Los Angeles, we recommend the Raging Waters and LEGOLAND Water Park. These two have the best ratio of attractions suitable for kids and adults, which makes them a perfect choice for families with kids of different ages. 

  • What do you have to know before going to water parks in Los Angeles?

    Always check the location of the water park and see if it fits your travel itinerary. Secondly, we encourage you to always check the weather forecast before choosing an open-air activity,  given that some parks do not issue refunds or rain checks. Last but not least, do not bring food to the park before checking if outside food is allowed on-site

  • What is the best water park in Los Angeles for adults?

    If you're not looking for a water park exclusively for your kids, you might want to give Knott's Soak City and Hurricane Harbour LA a try. Both parks have the most extreme slides you can find in the LA area, which means you will also get your fair share of fun!

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