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Amusement and Theme Parks in the USA

Below you can find the lists of indoor water parks organized by region and then state, in alphabetical order. Just click on your preferred destination and you’re already a short step away from creating new fun memories!


  • What should I know before going to an indoor water park?

    Before going anywhere, we encourage you to make an itinerary of your trip and book accommodation according to your budget and interests. In addition, don't forget to pack waterproof sunscreen (yes, even if you stay indoors, sun can get you through the windows), extra clothes, a waterproof bag for the wet clothes, and a water-safe camera to capture the family fun.

    Also, we recommend taking lots of water and snacks so you don't have to leave before trying out all available rides and games. Nevertheless, check the restrictions beforehand to avoid any uncomfortable situations with the water park staff.

  • Are indoor water parks in USA safe?

    Although there are certain risks when swimming and soaking in pools with many others, contamination of any sort is usually kept well under control. The water is chlorinated and all the rides and games are treated with different disinfectant solutions for your protection.

    Other risks include accidents, as it is easy to slip and fall on wet floors, but we have no reason to believe that can lead to more serious injuries. Of course, things happen sometimes, but just as often as than anywhere else. Nevertheless, if in your family there are some members who are weak swimmers or who faint easily, we recommend using a life jacket and avoiding deep pools.

    Especially when it comes to children, it's very important to stay vigilant, even in shallow waters. For safety reasons, many indoor water parks advise or even require that children wear life jackets.

  • Where's the biggest indoor water park in the USA?

    Although there are many huge and amazing indoor water parks in different states, the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas is the largest indoor water park in the USA and also one of the coolest ones!

    It features thrilling slides, many games, a kid's pool, flowrider, swim-up bar, lazy river, and much more. The resort also boasts live entertainment, spa facilities, accommodation, an adventure park, etc. It's a whole different experience. If you think you prefer that to just visiting a water park for an afternoon, check out our list of hotels with water parks!


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