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List of indoor water parks in Georgia 2022

Georgia has many outdoor water parks that really make summer season special, but if you’re looking for a waterpark that you can enjoy all year long you’ve come to the right place. Georgia’s first and largest indoor water park is open in La Grange and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

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1. Great Wolf Lodge (Atlanta)

Great Wolf Lodge, is a well loved water park throughout many states. It’s also the first and only indoor water park in Georgia.

WATER SLIDES IN Great Wolf Lodge!

Fort Mackenzie is the kid’s favorite. It features multiple levels of splash-crazy fun, interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features. They can escape via the Totem Tower body slides to start all over again. And listen for the bell; when it rings, the gigantic bucket on top is ready to tip.

Enjoy the Slap Tail Pond with the whole family. Catch a wave and splash and play as the swells sweep in from the five-foot deep end to the zero-depth-entry shallows.

Parents will love the waterpark’s Northwoods Oasis, the adults-only hot tub. Feel the heat relaxing every muscle as you slow down to soak up a glow. It’s a great way to end your day of water park play.

THINGS TO DO IN Great Wolf Lodge!

Wake up and stretch with Yoga Tails in the morning before the water park opens. Or visit the arcade for hours of fun games. Magi-Quest is a magical scavenger hunt with fun, special effects. It can be played all day. Once your kids get the hang of it, they may not want to stop.  Purchase a wand and a game to find gems, crystals and other clues around the resort.

Great Wolf’s Kids Club, Camp H.O.W.L, offers arts and crafts, a playground, magnetic wall, playhouse and more for parents and kids during the day. Plus there are more activities throughout the day, like face painting, games, cartoon drawing and more.

Take a Wolf Walk around the Grand lobby, learn about animals and make an origami wolf souvenir.

They have babysitting available. Camp H.O.W.L. offer parent-free programming in the evenings for an additional fee. Each night has a theme like bugs or camping out and includes art and crafts, games, activities, dinner and a movie. 

Things to know before going to Great Wolf Lodge!

Save money and Purchase a Wolf Pass. This includes one Magi-Quest Game and wand or accessory, an arcade game card, bowling at Ten Paw Alley, Howl in One Mini Golf, Howler’s Peak Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, a scoop from Ben & Jerry’s, and a candy cup. They also have a toddler version that includes more age appropriate items like a Creation Station animal and t-shirt or pillowcase. 

The rooms are decked out and designed for a good night’s rest after your fun day at the park. Kids will love having their own bunk-bed suite. Upgrade to the suite rooms for a little separation from the kids, where kids have their own tv.

2. South Cobb Aquatic Center (Austel)

South Cobb Aquatic Center has been a favorite among younglings and grown-ups alike since its inception. 

WATER SLIDES IN South CObb Aquatic center!

While not as large as Wild Wolfe Lodge’s phenomenal water park, the South Cobb Aquatic Center is no slouch. 

There is a 20 feet tall corkscrew water slide that leads right into the park’s main pool, and various play areas with interactive water toys, ready to blast away at parents and friends alike. 

Adults can enjoy the multiple resting areas that flank the pool and enjoy some refreshments from the local store. 

THINGS TO DO IN south cobb aquatic center!

Whether you came for a day of water park fun or not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Aquatic Center’s sprawling swimming pool, which is perfect for a light workout or a relaxing floating session. 

If you want to get a quick workout while your kids splash and dash their way into an early bedtime, you should definitely checkout the center’s weight room, where the resident swim team, the Stingrays,  do their workouts.

The center offers a wide variety of classes, from Aqua-Aerobics to simple swimming classes.

Things to know before going to south cobb aquatic center!

It might sound like I’m oversimplifying things, but the only thing you need to know before heading on to the South Cobb Aquatic Center is the choice of attire, simple swim suits, thats it! 

Seriously, what makes the South Cobb Aquatic Center so great is how casual and friendly it is, paving the way for an easy-going, fun-filled day.


3. Bethesda Park Aquatic Center (Lawrenceville)

Another hidden gem if you’re an indoor water park aficionado, the Bethesda Park Aquatic Center is the perfect location for a day of family fun, with something for each member of the family.

WATER SLIDES IN Bethesda Park Aquatic Center!

The sprawling Bethesda Park Aquatic Center is a must visit if you’re looking for a casual, laid back day out with your family. 

The first thing you’ll notice when you come is the size of the pools and the selection of water slides and play areas to choose from, the most popular of which takes you out of the building and loops back in before splashing you into the water. 

THINGS TO DO IN Bethesda park aquatic center!

The best thing about the Bethesda Park Aquatic Center is that the grown-ups don’t have to sit idly while the kids have all the fun. 

Theres plenty of amenities for everyone, while the kids enjoy the multitude of slides and water guns, you can sit back on the hydrotherapy benches and let the stress melt away from your body. 

Things to know before going to bethesda park aquatic center!

If you’re going to stay in town for a while, consider getting the FUNCARD, which gives you a healthy discount on repeated visits. 


  • What are the best water parks in Georgia for families?

    The Great Wolf Lodge. It has fantastic slides, loved throughout various states and plenty of activities for the whole family including arcade games and a Magi-Quest.

  • What do you have to know before going to water parks in Georgia?

    Check out the water park's special offers and save money. Book your tickets and rooms ahead of time to get the best deals. 

  • What is the best water park in Georgia for adults?

    The Great Wolf Lodge. They have babysitting available called Camp H.O.W.L. where kids can have tons of fun while parents soak in a hot tub and do other activities.

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