Best Paintball Fields in Orlando

Full Guide 2023

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Orlando is a city known for its theme parks, shopping malls, golf courses, and nightlife. This vibrant city also offers sprawling paintball fields ideal for tourists and citizens looking for thrilling weekend entertainment. Orlando offers a wide range of paintball services and is also home to the largest indoor and outdoor paintball facility in Florida!

So wait no more, check out these state-of-the-art paintball fields in Orlando and get ready for a fun and memorable experience!

Top 5 Paintball Fields in Orlando

Orlando Paintball

Orlando Paintball is the largest field in the whole of Florida, boasting 8 fields and equipment for indoor and outdoor games. These fields feature bridges, trenches, forts, bunkers, staircases, and even tunnels, while some are designed to fit the Call of Duty and the HALO theme, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this field is a popular choice for many and among the best-reviewed fields in Orlando.

Among the traditional paintball games, such as attack and defend or deathmatches, there are some genuinely unique and creative types of game designs such as “SWAT vs. Convicts,” in which the convicts plot criminal activities inside the warehouses. At the same time, the SWAT team has to enter through side doors, tunnels, and staircases to eliminate the convicts.

Outside of turbo fun game mods and fields, this field ensures all necessary top-notch gear for rent and safety, and you won’t leave without a memory of your highlights, so say cheese, when you spot a camera. The pictures taken are free and are published on the Facebook page.

Orlando paintball has incredible offers, so it’s the number one choice for teambuilding, bachelor, and birthday parties. The field deals with Pappa John’s for discounted pizza with fast delivery you can enjoy in the rest area. If you are worried about the crowd and traffic, don’t worry, there are two big parking lots which can be reserved!

Battlefield Orlando

This family-friendly paintball field in the central hub of Florida focuses on recreational play and kids. While Battlefield Orlando field is also suited for older players looking for fun in a creative design field, we liked the facility’s particular focus on making the game safe for kids. Everyone above 10 can enjoy paintball, but Battlefield Orlando also opened an alternative, a low-impact gellyball game for kids as young as 5. 

Battlefield Orlando is known for private paintball events, so besides traditional game mods, it’s possible to adjust it toward your preference if you come in a group. From classic games, there is speedball, low-impact paintball, and big game scenarios for large groups, all on a 32-acre outdoor field.

Another exciting concept is that Battlefield Orlando frequently updates the website with paintball game mods the field offers for a limited time. We last heard that there would be aliens, cowboys, and dinosaurs event. Please don’t ask how it will work, but we bet it will be a crazy experience.

Battlefield Orlando’s in-game safety and renting equipment are top-notch and in an authentic family-friendly vibe! Truly a place for a whole family where everyone can have fun.