Best Paintball Fields in Las Vegas

Full Guide 2023

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It’s impossible to expect anything less than the most prestigious entertainment in a city such as Las Vegas. 

You may already know about the city’s main attractions like casinos, great food, shops, and exhibitions but Las Vegas paintball fields are among the best in Nevada.

Truth be told, there are only a few as it’s either go big or go home in Las Vegas. Yet, these paintball fields we reviewed got everything your heart may desire. These fields will welcome everyone from absolute beginners to experienced players.

2 Best (and only) Paintball Fields in Las Vegas

Combat Zone Paintball

Combat Zone Paintball is among the biggest and most equipped paintball fields in Las Vegas. This paintball facility offers fair fun for the experienced, beginner, and youngest players on 4 outdoor fields and 3 types of paintball guns. Shotguns are ideal for close combat with a low impact, perfect for kids, while rifles come in mid and high-impact options for older kids and adults.

If such a versatile option is not enough for the youngest of youngest, there are even gel blasters for kids as young as 5, so there’s a safe and fun game design for everyone.

Thirty tables staging area is ideal for spectating games and parties as you can rent it and organize any party of your liking while the facility can provide food and drinks for the group.

Combat Zone Paintball offers the classic paintball experience and knowing that you can just walk in without a previous reservation is a nice plus, as not all fields allow this. 

If you do get a sudden urge to play paintball while visiting Las Vegas you can simply walk in a hoodie and jeans as the field uses easily washable paint and provide extra safety equipment such as helmets, goggles, and vests besides guns, tanks, and paintballs.

Las Vegas Premier Paintball

The atmosphere on Premier Paintball fields is almost surreal due to the stadium lightning and various objects ranging from barrels and wheels to inflatables and many more placed on 4 large outdoor fields. If you ever get tired of all the intense play (and believe us, you will) there is another fully shaded area where you can snack and spectate others. The fields are mostly designed for action, so there won’t be too much time for hiding which forces you to have the best day of the week even if you have a tendency to get a bit lazy.

Something we didn’t see on other fields is the “paintless paintball” which is ideal for kids and those who fear bruises and welts. Basically, instead of paint, the guns shoot foam balls, so the impact is minimal and it can be played in a shirt without extra protection. For anyone else who is keen on a true paintball experience, there is high-quality gear for rent, and safety and measures that keep the game fair are top-notch.

By the way, we heard this paintball facility is known for throwing in delicious pizzas, wings, cups, and sodas as add-ons to many offers, a nice way to bribe the youngest and the adults for sure. It’s difficult to go wrong by choosing this field as it treats customers the right way.