Best Paintball Fields in Austin

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Austin, the capital of Texas is known for its warm weather, nature, and live-music scene, but many paintball players also know that this city is home to some of the best fields in the state.

We chose the most thrilling paintball fields and reviewed them so that when you find yourself looking for a fun outdoor activity in Austin, you’ll know exactly where to go.

The following fields are versatile and we believe that there’s something for everyone, so whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, there will be a place for you.

Top 8 painball fields in Austin

Texas Paintball

Texas Paintball features 10 outdoor fields and game mods with unbelievable designs that will leave any player speechless. Each field boasts a special feature. The Vietnam field includes a helicopter and another field abandoned village field features a school bus perfect for taking covers. 

Every single field looks jaw-dropping and realistic to the point of what you would expect to find in the real world or in your favorite PC war game. Texas Paintball is surely one of the best-designed paintball fields in Texas.

This paintball field has a friendly staff and fair judges which ensure that the game runs safely and smoothly. In the pro shop, you can find all gear you might need for rent. There is also a shaded area where visitors can buy drinks and snacks

Austin Paintball

Austin Paintball was designed to fit the needs of every age group. The field offers both high-impact to low-impact games, including gellyball for the younger players. Moreover, Austin Paintball offers a considerable collection of equipment and a top-notch safety protocol.

The 6 outdoor fields on 30 acres are among the best fields we have ever seen. The fields would be great even without all those barrels and wheels, as the terrain and natural cover already make the play very interesting. 

Lastly, Austin Paintball went a step further from simple inflatable balloons on a plain field and built terrific bridges and constructions. This is truly a great field, and it’s, for a reason, a popular choice for many birthdays, bachelor parties, team building, and large groups in general.

X Factor Paintball Park

Not all fields satisfy the needs both of new and recreational players and the needs of experienced players ready for tournaments. X-Factor Paintball does it both, all while ensuring safe play with qualified referees and professional staff while the field also only offers the finest equipment.

When walking into the facility, one can see 3 outdoor fields which differ from each other greatly. X Factor Paintball’s speedball field is designed in a classic way you’d expect to see with lots of small covers on a plain field but Alamo and Woods fields are also built with house models which represent a fort and a small, but real woods environment.

The wooded field is a nice combination of natural covers such as trees, branches, and grass and artificial man-made objects such as barrels or wheels. These fields are just big enough and designed to offer a tremendous amount of fun, and if you decide to come in a group, X Factor will offer you a nice deal on their website.


Xtreme Paintball’s name fits this field perfectly as it really brings the best out of players once they step into the field. The field offers a total of 3 outdoor fields, one made for speedball only where it’s all about fast-paced fun; another one for defensive style; and the last one that fits the best of both worlds.

The fields are mostly flat with a bunch of cool covers to use for protection and they aren’t too big so the players won’t ever be out of action. We like this type of field because there’s always someone to shoot at and while the cover can be a safe zone, it’s never safe for a long time and it keeps the game dynamic!

Xtreme Paintball is also the closest field to Central Austin which makes it a great choice if you find yourself near the Capitol Building. Xtreme Paintball’s professionalism is on point and regarding the rental and safety you’ll find what you are looking for, but don’t forget to make an online reservation first.

Predator Paintball

Predator Paintball stands for the number one paintball field in San Antonio. Still, many people from Austin also visit this place due to the uniqueness and creativity the facility offers. You’ll know why this field is special when you walk into one of the 10 outdoor fields located on more than 20 acres.

Besides traditional paintball field elements, the players will encounter vehicles such as military buses and even a helicopter which they can use strategically to advance and lead their team to victory. We won’t spoil everything, but you can already see what makes this field different from others.

Occasionally, Predator Paintball organizes special events like the war of nations or zombies vs humans and similar events that are only active for a short time. These events are exciting because there’s always room to come up with something not previously seen, and Predator Paintball knows how to come up with the ideas. Outside of creativity and nice organization, Predator Paintball offers plenty of gear that paintball enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

Lost Paintball

Lost Paintball is one of those diverse fields that also offer airsoft and gel blasters besides classic paintball. At Lost Paintball facility you’ll find all the high-end gear you’ll need during the game. Every experienced paintball player understands the difference between poor and high quality paintball markers and their impact on the game, so Lost Paintball won’t disappoint you.

Lost Paintball takes the safety rules seriously, so their referees know how to make things fair and in order. It’s important to have qualified staff to keep things running smoothly as it’s the case in this field.

Regarding the fields and game courses, there are a few outdoor fields with numerous robust obstacles mixed with the natural covers such as trees and terrain which gives it that wooded charm. We must admit, the fields and games are on the next level and Lost Paintball allows for every play style. Finally, the fact that there’s a bus as a part of the game is a nice bonus.

Outlaw paintball

It would almost be a crime not to visit Outlaw Paintball in Pflugerville when staying in the Austin area. This paintball field is an excellent choice for players of all ages. We’d recommend coming in a group of 10 or more and thus unlocking great discounts.

Outlaw Paintball’s 4 outdoor fields are designed for straight carnage and consist of wooden and inflatable plastic covers on a plain field, with the exception of the defend-a-fort field where everything is based on one big fort the players need to defend or take over. 

Truth be told, Outlaw Paintball has everything you’ll need and the fields and game courses offer a classic paintball experience. Fair game, safety protocol, qualified judges, and friendly staff are other important factors and the field passes them all. 

Texas Ski Ranch

Texas Ski Ranch is not another paintball field on the list, but rather a whole resort with different activities of which one is a large paintball field. The reason why we included it in the list is that this single, large outdoor field features everything from simple to complex covers, abandoned buses, concrete pipes, and above all, it is located by a lake.

Another special factor is the diversity of the whole place as Texas Ski Ranch also includes water skiing, axe throwing, as well as a bar with 26 beers on a tap.

This place is ideal for everyone who wants to experience a nice paintball game in scenic surroundings and later engage in other activities. If you decide to show up during open hours you can join the game straight away but otherwise, it is necessary to make a reservation.