Best Paintball Fields in Austin

Full Guide 2023

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Austin, the capital of Texas is known for its warm weather, nature, and live-music scene, but many paintball players also know that this city is home to some of the best fields in the state.

We chose the most thrilling paintball fields and reviewed them so that when you find yourself looking for a fun outdoor activity in Austin, you’ll know exactly where to go.

The following fields are versatile and we believe that there’s something for everyone, so whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, there will be a place for you.

Top 8 painball fields in Austin

Texas Paintball

Texas Paintball features 10 outdoor fields and game mods with unbelievable designs that will leave any player speechless. Each field boasts a special feature. The Vietnam field includes a helicopter and another field abandoned village field features a school bus perfect for taking covers. 

Every single field looks jaw-dropping and realistic to the point of what you would expect to find in the real world or in your favorite PC war game. Texas Paintball is surely one of the best-designed paintball fields in Texas.

This paintball field has a friendly staff and fair judges which ensure that the game runs safely and smoothly. In the pro shop, you can find all gear you might need for rent. There is also a shaded area where visitors can buy drinks and snacks

Austin Paintball

Austin Paintball was designed to fit the needs of every age group. The field offers both high-impact to low-impact games, including gellyball for the younger players. Moreover, Austin Paintball offers a considerable collection of equipment and a top-notch safety protocol.

The 6 outdoor fields on 30 acres are among the best fields we have ever seen. The fields would be great even without all those barrels and wheels, as the terrain and natural cover already make the play very interesting. 

Lastly, Austin Paintball went a step further from simple inflatable balloons on a plain field and built terrific bridges and constructions. This is truly a great field, and it’s, for a reason, a popular choice for many birthdays, bachelor parties, team building, and large groups in general.