Best Paintball Fields in Atlanta

Full Guide 2023

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Atlanta is one of those cities with rich history, strong economy, and lively community and it’s not surprising that some of the best paintball fields in Georgia are located in Atlanta.

Paintball fields in Atlanta naturally fit in the city’s green zones and sunny, subtropical weather. Moreover, there are great choices for indoor games, but paintball fields in Atlanta truly shine with their outdoor-based games.

We have chosen the best paintball fields Atlanta has to offer, and there are plenty of activities for all ages, and preferences, whether you want high-adrenaline play or a chill game with BBQ after a match.

Top 8 paintball fields in Atlanta

Wildfire Paintball

Wildfire Paintball offers indoor-type play in Snellville as well as an outdoor-type field in Conyers which is ideal for large groups and private events. What we like about Wildfire paintball’s indoor field is that it’s always shaded and the place is neither too big nor too small. Wildfire Paintball offers a space ideal for high-activity games as it features multiple vertical covers which allow for a quick play style.

And oh, did we mention that the AstroTurf floor feels like you are playing on the real grass, but in the shaded comfort and nice room temperature? These indoor fields are also a great choice when the night falls or the temperatures drop.

Friendly and experienced staff will provide you with all equipment you’ll need in one place and experienced referees will make sure the game is played correctly and safely. If you run out of energy you can find tasty snacks and drinks onsite.

Arkenstone Paintball and Airsoft Park

The most exciting thing about this paintball field is that there are 5 playing fields across 15 acres, some of which are really unique. You’ll find great sniper hiding spots but also many trenches for aggressive gameplay. Finally, the urban western town and the castle fields offer strategizing in a classic attack-and-defend style.

Arkenstone Paintball Field offers a variety of equipment, so it’s possible to rent upgraded guns and unlimited nitrogen or CO₂ gas that’s going to last the whole day. Furthermore, Arkenstone is pretty strict on safety, so there’s no need to worry about getting hurt.

There is also a shaded picnic area where players can sit between games and enjoy some food. Although you are not allowed to bring your food, the field sells delicious BBQ pork, grilled chicken and meatball sandwiches, hotdogs, chips, and non-alcoholic drinks.