Best Paintball Fields in Atlanta

Full Guide 2023

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Atlanta is one of those cities with rich history, strong economy, and lively community and it’s not surprising that some of the best paintball fields in Georgia are located in Atlanta.

Paintball fields in Atlanta naturally fit in the city’s green zones and sunny, subtropical weather. Moreover, there are great choices for indoor games, but paintball fields in Atlanta truly shine with their outdoor-based games.

We have chosen the best paintball fields Atlanta has to offer, and there are plenty of activities for all ages, and preferences, whether you want high-adrenaline play or a chill game with BBQ after a match.

Top 8 paintball fields in Atlanta

Wildfire Paintball

Wildfire Paintball offers indoor-type play in Snellville as well as an outdoor-type field in Conyers which is ideal for large groups and private events. What we like about Wildfire paintball’s indoor field is that it’s always shaded and the place is neither too big nor too small. Wildfire Paintball offers a space ideal for high-activity games as it features multiple vertical covers which allow for a quick play style.

And oh, did we mention that the AstroTurf floor feels like you are playing on the real grass, but in the shaded comfort and nice room temperature? These indoor fields are also a great choice when the night falls or the temperatures drop.

Friendly and experienced staff will provide you with all equipment you’ll need in one place and experienced referees will make sure the game is played correctly and safely. If you run out of energy you can find tasty snacks and drinks onsite.

Arkenstone Paintball and Airsoft Park

The most exciting thing about this paintball field is that there are 5 playing fields across 15 acres, some of which are really unique. You’ll find great sniper hiding spots but also many trenches for aggressive gameplay. Finally, the urban western town and the castle fields offer strategizing in a classic attack-and-defend style.

Arkenstone Paintball Field offers a variety of equipment, so it’s possible to rent upgraded guns and unlimited nitrogen or CO₂ gas that’s going to last the whole day. Furthermore, Arkenstone is pretty strict on safety, so there’s no need to worry about getting hurt.

There is also a shaded picnic area where players can sit between games and enjoy some food. Although you are not allowed to bring your food, the field sells delicious BBQ pork, grilled chicken and meatball sandwiches, hotdogs, chips, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Paintball Atlanta

Paintball Atlanta is the absolute veteran field as it’s been there for a long time offering the best of paintball in and near Atlanta. This field emphasizes the quality of gameplay with a particular focus on kids, beginners, and intermediate or experienced players.

It seems that the Paintball Atlanta Field really managed to adapt to each group as there are both beginner-friendly fields and those for battle-tested players only. After all, there are 6 unique outdoor fields on more than 34 acres with wooden battlegrounds, bunkers, and various obstacles. Offering only the best, brand-new gear, as well as an elite safety protocol and qualified referees, Paintball Atlanta Field allows for the ultimate paintball experience.

Thanks to field’s vast free-of-charge parking lot it is obvious why this field is a popular choice for large groups such as birthday and bachelor parties or corporate team-building. There is also a large picnic and BBQ area where you can bring your own food, and if you have a sweet tooth there are candy bars and soft drinks you can snack on between the games.

Xtreme Paintball Conyers

Extreme Paintball Conyers specializes in a variety of outdoor-type games including woodsball, capture the flag, center flag, attack and defend, speedball, and other interesting game designs. Extreme Paintball Conyers promotes intensity while aiming to please all sorts of paintball players. Whether you are an experienced player, competitive or absolute beginner, this exceptional paintball field will make you have fun until no balls are left.

These high-intensity games are made possible thanks to an optimal-sized outdoor field that has a variety of terrain and obstacles. The popularity Extreme Paintball Conyers enjoys is justified as the field welcomes everyone from showing alone to large groups which are often church groups, company team buildings, family reunions, and all kinds of parties you can think of.

Visitors are welcome to rent all the necessary equipment, so you don’t need to bring your own unless you prefer to do so. 

Classic Paintball Pro

As the name suggests, Classic Paintball Pro truly offers the classic paintball experience you’ll remember. Featuring not 1 but 5 outdoor fields which are suited for all kinds of playstyles, good time is guaranteed.

The urban city field is the epitome of an outdoor paintball field in its full shine. It can be seen that a lot has been invested in order to build the replica of a town as the variety of objects and buildings immerse the players so far that it makes them feel as though they are fighting in a real abandoned town. The field map allows for creative game approaches and paints carnage, making the field look like a battlefield between two big clans straight out of a movie.

The field offers high-quality equipment for rent while qualified judges and staff will make sure you remember your stay as a positive one. The shaded BBQ areas can be reserved and you can bring any food you want, but the field has a deal with local pizza restaurants, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your food.

Dan’s Land Paintball

Dan’s Land Paintball is located in the city of Jackson, 50 minutes by car from Atlanta.  Upon approach, one first notices the beautiful nature surrounding the field.  Dan’s Land field features that forest vibe ideal for outdoor games.

One can find various game types such as speedball, hyper ball, and attack and defend fort on smaller and larger fields located straight among or near the woods. The large area with a wooden fort, tall trees, and log buildings such as watch towers are mesmerizing for everyone keen on the forest and nature. It’s possible to take cover behind the trees or hide in the leaves, in which case the camouflage could be useful.

Such a lovely location is accompanied by a friendly staff that makes sure everything goes well during your visit. Dan’s Land welcomes both beginners and experienced players, as well as plenty of space for large groups.

Maximum Paintball

Pendergrass outdoor sports paintball field is one of those fields with special effects such as artificial fog and smoke, flashing lights, and sirens. You’ll find all kinds of crazy obstacles such as barrels, military containers, boxes, wooden constructions, and natural covers.

The two medium-sized outdoor fields are built for a high-pace game only, so if you are looking for a good adrenaline shot, Maximum Paintball is the right fit for you. The Hyperball field allows for fast-paced action in either a Capture the Flag or Elimination game course. On other hand, a speedball field will combine the high pace with team communication and test your agility to the maximum.

The option to bring your own paintballs is another good thing if you happen to buy ammo in bulk from stores as it saves money.  Maximum Paintball is an excellent place for private matches as you can organize all kinds of parties and enjoy them in a private area.

Lowell Paintball

Lowell Paintball is a Christian-owned and operated field that has been in Whooping Creek for more than two decades. Featuring a complete wooded field with a fort, towers, and bunkers, Lowell Paintball guarantees heaps of fun.

Among the natural shade, the fresh air plays a big role, which makes visiting this field can be an overall great adventure even if you step outside of it thanks to its great location in one of the most beautiful regions near Atlanta.

Lowell Paintball field has built an entire community which can also be seen by its large gallery that features numerous content customers ranging from kids to the elderly. Everything you’ll need for a game is already there and can be rented. It is also possible to book private matches.