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Thinking of great places and experiences to consider trying these year?These amusements and theme parks in Orlando should be on your bucket list. Visit some of the coolest amusement parks, unique and exciting roller coasters, and interactive scenic spots and wildlife attractions at Orlando’s top amusement and theme parks.

Best Amusement and Theme
Parks in Orlando

SeaWorld Theme Park (Orlando)

Visitors are invited to step behind the scenes and catch a glimpse of SeaWorld’s water rides, intense roller coaster rides and craftly-designed attractions along with aquatic rehabilitation facilities through our sneak peak below and get excited on your visit at SeaWorld Orlando.

Attractions in SeaWorld Theme Park

Go up, up, and away aboard Abby’s Flower Tower! This exhilarating ride is ideal for parents and kids bonding getaway where they can get a fairy’s-eye view of all the action as they soar and turn atop this lively family ride.

Add to this memorable day your moment at the theme park’s classic ride: The Sunny Day Carousel. Pass your childhood memories to your kids and little ones in the family by joining them in this go-round ride.

Be closert to nature as you climb into Slimey’s Slider for an exhilarating swoop and swivel ride through Oscar the Grouch’s treasured compost collection!

Join Oscar’s pet worm for a grouchy good time in a “boat”. After land, explore the living jewels of the sea at Journey to Atlantis®. This underwater world experience is rich in color and light where you’ll surely enjoy watching aquahabitats and luminating jellyfishes.

Things to do in SeaWorld Theme Park

It’s time to burst the ice at Ice Breaker after the mild, interactive rides for youngsters. This adrenaline-pumping ride offers four back-and-forth airtime-filled launches. Its 93-foot-tall spike with a 100-degree angle adds to the adrenaline sensation. Ice Breaker is likely to jolt our sleepy nerves with its thrilling twists, turns, and airborne hills.

Be refreshed while climbing aboard your raft on Infinity Falls™. You’ll be in awe as you pave your way with other riders through the theme park’s flowing fountains and breathtaking waterfalls along with tropical ruins-themed surroundings. As you reach the peak, brace yourself before plunging you down from the tallest drop into churning whitewater.

Infinity Falls™ will surely get you wet but you can pay a small fee for dryer. Then fall in line for the Ride Mako®, the theme park’s extreme roller coaster, and enjoy the high speeds, deep dives, and thrills it provides with each turn.

Things to know before going to SeaWorld Theme Park

SeaWorld Orlando Park does not provide refunds or credits, but they do offer rain checks, so plan your vacation wisely. Furthermore, tickets, permits, memberships, and Fun Cards are nonrefundable, nontransferable, revocable, and cannot be redeemed for cash, among other conditions.

Pets are not permitted on the grounds of SeaWorld Orlando, with the exception of service animals. You can, however, keep your pet in the pet kennel outside the SeaWorld Orlando park’s main entrance for a short while.

No coolers, glass containers, food, drinks, or picnic lunches are permitted. However, infant food and particular dietary requirements are permitted. You won’t go hungry at SeaWorld Orlando because there are numerous food stands and restaurants.

SeaWorld Orlando takes cash, traveler’s checks, JCB, and Mastercard®, Visa®, Discover®, and American Express® credit and debit cards.

Discovery Cove (Orlando)

Discovery Cove is a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive day resort where you and your family may enjoy thrilling wildlife encounters in a lush tropical setting. Relax in the huge resort pool and swim beside a tropical river before going on a thrilling ride at the theme park’s waterpark attractions. After a long day of entertainment, reward yourself and your friends by stopping by the theme park’s comfortable and refreshing food stands and delectable fares.

Attractions in Discovery Cove

Take a breather from the bustling metropolis as you enter Explorer’s Aviary at Discovery Cove. Visitors to this natural bird habitat are treated to bird’s lullabies and awe-inspiring views of birds in flight. With no fear of these birds, you’ll find their gliding up to you and nibbling fruit off your hand a great experience.

After a relaxing time at the Aviary, it’s time to meet with hundreds of tropical fish as you swim and snorkel at the Grand Reef. ” Visitors to the aquarium can interact with the fish by playing hide-and-seek with them or by crossing a bridge to view sharks swimming.

Serenity Bay in Discovery Cove’s Serenity Bay is a great place to cool off from the sweltering heat of Grand Reef. As guests relax in the palm trees and tropical environment of this Discovery Cove’s resort pool, they’ll feel at home.

Things to do in Discovery Cove

If you’re a fan of animals, you’ll like the Animal Trek at Discovery Cove. Meet fascinating animals on a 30-minute tour that takes you along the park’s main thoroughfares. You can take selfies and group photos in a verdant private oasis, which is home to many different types of birds.

Swimming with Sharks comes after a close encounter with birds and other adorable creatures. An intimate shark training session with Discovery Cove’s experts will prepare visitors for a deep-water free swim with a variety of sharks.

At Discovery Cove’s Wind Away River, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme park. With SeaVenture, you’ll feel right at home in the ocean. Wearing a dive helmet, you may explore the ocean floor and interact with friendly marine life.

Things to know before going to Discovery Cove

The waters at Discovery Cove Orlando are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. However,  if you wish to participate in three or more add-on events during your visit to Discovery Cove, it is best to arrive by 7:30 am.

Within 30 days of your visit, you may not cancel or rebook your Discovery Cove reservation without incurring a fee. As long as you provide their management 30 days’ notice from the day of cancellation, you’ll get your money back guarantee.

Reservations are necessary, and attendance is limited to provide a more personal, resort-style experience than you’ll find at any other theme park today.



  • What is the most visited park in Orlando?

    Nearly 7 million people visited Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in 2020, making it the world's most popular amusement park.

  • What do I have to know before going to Amusement Parks in Orlando?

    Booking tickets in advance will save you money on everything from dinner shows to art exhibits to museum passes and mini golf.

  • What is the largest amusement park in Orlando?

    The 150-acre Legoland Florida theme park is based on Danish-invented construction toys. Over 50 rides, shows, attractions, retail stores, and dining options make this one of Orlando's most popular theme parks.

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