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Your ideal family day might include visiting a large theme park, but what about a more intimate and affordable attraction? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fun amusements and theme parks in New York. Some of the world’s largest theme parks can be found in Florida, including water parks, roller coasters, and incredibly huge Ferris wheels.

Visit these top amusement and theme parks in Florida and have fun!

Best Amusement and Theme Parks in New York

Six Flags Great Escape Lodge (Queensberry)

In every season, Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark has something new and exciting for visitors to enjoy! During the spring, you can go to their amusement parks and arcades. For a fun-filled summer, take advantage of outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and bicycling. In the autumn, go leaf-peeping, and in the winter, head to the Adirondacks. If you’re looking for more fun things to do at this theme park for all seasons, here are some additional recommendations.

Attractions in Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark has a wide range of variety of waterpark attractions for youngest to the most experienced swimmers. Kids can enjoy Tall Timbers Treehouse’s 160 play features such as mini slides and be refreshed by the gigantic water bucket perched high above the tree.

An ideal family bonding experience can be provided by the theme park’s Avalanche ride. A thrilling four-person raft ride that mimics the excitement of white-water rafting culminates in a 41-foot drop at this water attraction.

Do you want to learn surfing? Six Flags Great Escape Lodge has stand-up surfing lessons held at Boogie Bear Surf. Aside from lessons, you can also enjoy catching waves and practicing bodyboarding and surfing.

After the action, it’s time for some relaxation. Adults can take a break and enjoy the warm water spa at Soakum Spring or rent their own private cabana.

Things to do in Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

The exciting theme park of Six Flags Great Escape Lodge features 135 rides and attractions. Adventurers will have a lot of fun on these rides.

Start the day by trying The Comet. The 4,200-foot wooden coaster is regarded as one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world which makes thrill-seekers love to visit the theme park. Be fascinated to see the beauty of New York as it brings you to a high-airtime drop of up to 85 feet.

Enjoy a 360-degree adrenaline rush from Pandemonium’s electrifying light show as it twists and turns around you. Sasquatch’s 192-foot drop tower is the next best thing to try.

Ride the popular Steamin’ Demon and be part of history. This one-of-a-kind roller coaster is one of the pioneer steel looping coasters in the country. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to zip through 1,565 feet of fiery orange track, this is your chance.

Things to know before going to Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

It is possible to cancel 72 hours prior to your arrival date at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark. No refunds or rescheduling options are available for guests who fail to show up for their scheduled appointment.

Only in the guest’s suite may guests bring and consume outside food and beverages. Guests are not permitted to bring coolers or outside food and beverages into any of the attractions or any of the swimming pools. Guests can purchase food at the theme park’s restaurants and food stands.

Cash, credit cards, and money orders are all acceptable forms of payment at the theme park. Cash payments are not accepted, but there are nearby Kiosks where you can transfer money to your card.

Darien Lake (Corfu)

Visit Islands of Adventure and make sure to spend your “Vacation Like You Mean It”. This amusement and theme park features a party of rides and attractions which will make fiction-lovers excited too! Bring your family and friends with you as you embark on a great adventure to different themed islands, thrilling rides, and other amenities.

Attractions in Darien Lake

What if you were able to travel into the depths of the universe? You may want to give “Blast off” a shot. It’s a 185-foot ride that takes you to the top of an actual NASA launch tower.

Mind Eraser, the theme park’s roller coaster, is a must-ride for adrenaline junkies and first-timers alike. Your bravery and courage will be put to the test as you navigate the loops and turns of this roller coaster.

Enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of our tallest drop in the park at Ride of Steel. Plunge 205 feet on the first 70-degree drop and zoom around quick turns in succeeding drops.

Keep the thrill by trying the Sky Screamer as it hangs you at 242 feet in the air at 35 miles per hour while enjoying the fascinating panoramic view of the entire Darien Lake Theme park and countryside before it lands on the ground.

Things to do in Darien Lake

The theme park also has something for little kids. Beaver Dam Explorer brings young riders 17 feet in the air while enjoying a scenic view of Beaver Brothers Bay.

Predator, the theme park’s holder of the New York City record for the tallest wooden roller coaster. Aside from the sharp turns and drops, this ride is sure to excite expert roller coaster rides.

Predator finds its counterpart in a waterpark ride through the Big Kahuna. This raft takes daring riders down a 700-foot-long slide that alternates between open and enclosed sections. The best way to enjoy this is with a group of three other adrenaline junkies.

Be sure to ride the 60-foot-tall Wahoo Wave, one of the theme park’s tallest water rides. Slide through a tunnel slide of 30 feet and get ready to be welcomed by Wahoo’s water wave wall.

Things to know before going to Darien Lake

Guests at Darien Lake have the option of purchasing single-day park admission or season passes, which give them access to all of the park’s attractions all year long. Admission tickets and season passes for Darian Lake’s park, however, must be purchased online through the website. It’s important to remember to check your admission time online before heading to the park.

Tickets for admission are non-refundable in any form, so plan your trip accordingly. Darian Lake’s management will close attractions temporarily to ensure the safety of visitors in case of bad weather.

Visitors may bring in their own food and beverages, but only in the campground and the picnic area at the main parking lot. Darian Lake does not allow pets, except for service animals.

Full list of Amusement and Theme Parks in New York

Luna Park Coney Island (Brooklyn)

Home of the timeless and most visited roller coasters in New York such as the Cyclone and Thunderbolt, Luna Park also features a wide variety of attractions, dining, shops, and more for guests of all ages. Here’s a snapshot look at some of the best rides you should include in your bucket list when you visit Luna Park.

Attractions in Luna Park Coney Island

Located in Luna Park, the world’s second-steepest wooden roller coaster, Cyclone, can be found. This roller coaster ride is 85 feet tall and descends at a nearly 60-degree angle. Cyclone has been a theme park staple for decades thanks to its massive curves, 27 elevation changes, and sinuous layout.

Thunderbolt is a roller coaster at Luna Park that dates back to the early 1900s. There are 2,233 feet of pure exhilaration, twists bends and plunges on the first major steel roller coaster in New York City, which has nine seats and an advanced restraint system.

Additional high-flying attractions at Luna Park include the Brooklyn Flyer. With a group of friends and family, you’ll get the most out of this towering attraction. Brooklyn Flyer’s charming double-seat open-air chairs will get you a bird’s eye view of New York.

Things to do in Luna Park Coney Island

The Circus Coaster is a new roller coaster at Luna Park, and it’s a lot of fun. Take a ride on this roller coaster with your family and see what all the fuss is about!

Rides like this one at Luna Park’s theme park feature twists, drops, and an exciting mid-course helix section.

Continue the fun up in the air when you try the Hang Glider. This ride gives its riders an uplifting experience as they lay flat down on the signature two-passenger gondolas traveling in wave-like oscillating motion replicating the exhilarating sensation of hang gliding.

Are you a thrill rides newbie or just looking for something mild? If so, Luna Park has something for you. One of those is the Seaside Swing where you can feel the breeze off the ocean as you rock into motion while sitting on one of the back-to-back bench seats.

Things to know before going to Luna Park Coney Island

When it’s raining, Luna Park does not issue rainchecks or refunds. While other heavily affected attractions will be shut down due to bad weather, this one will remain open. You can upgrade your Day Pass ticket to a Flexi pass if you need to make a date change before the day of your visit.

Regardless of whether or not a guest intends to participate in any of the park’s attractions, they must pay a fee to enter. Adults are required to purchase a ticket for children under 36″ in order for them to be admitted for free.

Luna Park does not accept cash as a form of payment for admission fees and other attractions. If you’re only going to be here for a short time, you can opt to pay for individual rides.

Seabreeze Amusement Park (Rochester)

For over four decades, the 107-acre Magic Kingdom by Walt Disney has been called “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” There are six themed lands at Magic Kingdom, as well as dozens of attractions that appeal to all ages. Visitors and residents alike are invited to partake in the featured restaurants’ live performances by  most talented artists.

Attractions in Seabreeze Amusement Park

The rides at Seabreeze Amusement Park are suitable for all ages and interests. Amusement parks are a great way to spend time with the whole family. This one has everything from water parks to kiddie parks to thrill rides and more.

A good place to start is The Wave at SeaBreeze. For families looking to spend time together and relax, this waterpark attraction is a great option. With a depth of 0 to 5 feet and waves of up to 4 feet high, the Wave is a state-of-the-art wave pool.

On SeaBreeze’s new Hydro Racer, you can let your speed run wild in a mat race against your friends! You’ll be drenched from head to toe after a thrilling ride down this water slide.

Want to have chill vibes only? The Lazy River at SeaBreeze Amusement Park can also give you this experience. Its 600-foot-long slow-moving river has waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, and more to keep you chill.

Things to do in Seabreeze Amusement Park

Another historical roller coaster can be found in New York through SeaBreeze’s Jack Rabbit. The oldest operating roller coaster in the USA features 2,150 feet of track with a spectacular 75-foot drop, awesome dips, a wild last curve, and a fantastic finale through a dark tunnel. Thrill seekers will certainly enjoy the euphoria brought by its modified structure from the 1920s.

You’ll feel the time stopping when you climb aboard and experience the powerful pendulum motion in Time Machine. Hold tight as the hands of time take you full circle and lift you three stories into the air at truly awesome speeds.

For thrill-seekers, Whirlwind is a must-see attraction. While riding on a cutting-edge steel coaster, you’ll experience the ultimate thrill. This popular ride at amusement parks confuses its passengers with its unpredictable rotation and dizzying heights.

Things to know before going to Seabreeze Amusement Park

Seabreeze does not sell individual tickets for the rides and the water attractions since the admission ticket cover it when the waterpark attractions are open.

If it rains on the day of your visit, some attractions may close temporarily. If park management determines that a majority of rides have been closed for more than one full hour due to weather, rain checks will be offered. It must still be raining in order to get a rain check.

Though Seabreeze features food outlets, guests are still allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into the park. There are public picnic tables available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark (Monticello)

The Theme Park at Universal Studios Florida lets you relive the thrills and spills of your favorite shows and movies. Universal Studios Florida Theme Park has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for mind-blowing thrills, fun-filled activities, mouthwatering eateries, or amazing entertainment.

Attractions in Kartrite Resort

The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark has over 10 indoor waterpark attractions and each makes a great family adventure for all ages.

Warm up on your Kartrite journey by passing throught The Krakken waterslide. With its mighty arms and suctions, thrill-seekers will be satisfied especially with its high-speed performance.

Level up the adrenaline rush as you race with your friends at the Jiggerty-Jaggerty waterslide! Bounce and splash all the way along the slides and meet new friends throughout. And to make the waterpark thrill more exciting, don’t miss the Nor’easter where you can soar up the Nor’easter wall and feel just a moment of weightlessness as you pass through curves and slides.

If you’re looking for mellow attractions, feel at home at Kartrite’s Empire Bay. Hailed as the king of the lazy rivers, Empire Bay is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate under the sun.

Things to do in Kartrite Resort

If you’re looking for the ultimate indoor waterpark experience, look no further than the Kartrite. Get your nerd on with The Dark Side by Katrite. This attraction features a 3D gaming experience that is fully interactive and takes you to an exciting destination online. Don’t forget to add virtual reality to your tech-gaming experience and be amazed and entertained by its innovative and interactive features.

If you would like to walk down memory lane, visit Kartrike’s Playopolis arcade which features every kind of arcade game including the classic ones. You can win tickets and exchange them at The Vault where you can get great prizes.

The cabanas are a great place to relax after a long day at the arcade. A love seat, coffee table, and chairs are included in each unit. Take a break from the outside world and spend the day with up to five members of your family or friends inside.

Things to know before going to Kartrite Resort

One day might not be enough to explore the rides and features in Universal Studios Florida Theme Park, so it is best to arrive early before the peak hours (11 AM to 2 PM).

You can also opt to stay at Universal Orlando Resort hotel the day before so you can have Early Park Access and skip the lines.

Your room key can also serve as an Unlimited Express Pass which gives you an access to try your favorite rides multiple times without waiting for your turn again.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari (Old Forge)

Located in Orlando, Florida, the 150-acre LEGOLAND Florida is the world’s largest interactive LEGOLAND Park among other LEGOLAND parks around the world.

Visitors ages 2 to 12 can enjoy a wide variety of rides and attractions, including a botanical garden and a water park at the LEGOLAND theme park. There are water parks and LEGOLAND hotels perfect for your next staycation adventure. 

Attractions in Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Enchanted Forest Water Safari, holds the record for the largest water park in New York. One of the waterpark attractions is Mamba Strike which resembles a venomous snake from Africa, which is why it is also named after it. This 285-feet enclosed body slide loops around other waterpark rides and drops guests onto the slide.

Serengeti Stampede is located next to Mamba Strike. With a drop-off racer measuring 293 feet long, you and your friends or family can take on each other in a four-lane mat race.

Ride the Silverback’s new double-tube water ride after racing against each other at Serengeti. You’ll plunge 100 feet into a 40-foot-diameter bowl, then drop out of the middle and plunge into a water-filled splash pool below.

There is also a Lazy River at Enchanted Forest Water Safari, where you can relax and recharge under bridges and waterslides after trying the far more extreme rides or just hanging out.

Things to do in Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is not only a waterpark but also has a variety of amusement rides, ranging from the mild to the extreme. Ride the Ferris wheel to get the best view of the Adirondack Expedition if you’re looking for a classic attraction.

Keep the extreme feeling by trying Rock-O-Planes. You get to control this Ferris Wheel-like ride as you sit in an enclosed seat as the ride turns. Then, take and stand your spot on the Round-Up and be strapped with fear as this ride keeps you spinning and climbing through the air.

After spinning and climbing through the air on Ferris Wheel, bring the younger members of the family or just have some nostalgic moments by riding the theme park’s gentle carousel. Then, take a ride on the railroad by riding the Train with your little ones and be amazed along with the Museum of Enchanted Memories & the Adirondack Expedition.

Things to know before going to Enchanted Forest Water Safari

The LEGOLAND® Theme Park requires all visitors to make reservations in advance. Guests should also check the operating hours and available rides on their preferred schedule. 

Legoland Florida recommends that visitors arrive at the park already vaccinated and COVID-19 negative, even though visitors are not required to present a vaccination card upon entry.


Typhoon Lagoon is a great water park for families, with over a dozen slides and a long stream running down from a 100-foot-tall man-made mountain.

Typhoon Lagoon, as its name suggests, has designed some of its wet rides with a typhoon-related theme in order to add a little excitement. Additionally, the park is filled with bat caves, lagoons, and pools, as well as numerous other awe-inspiring features.

Attractions in Splish Splash

Splish Splash has a lot of water park attractions and amusement rides that make it New York’s largest waterpark.

Hollywood Stunt Rider allows you to experience one of Splish Splash’s greatest accomplishments. As a thrill-seeker, you’ll enjoy the twist and turn on each drop in total darkness that this ride provides. It’s more fun to go on this ride as a group because the water raft keeps everyone together and drops them all at once.

Looking for something unique but challenging at the same time? Then climb abroad and ride the water raft at Alien Invasion

This ride is meant to be shared with your family or pals as you’ll be sharing a raft as you blast off into the unknown headed for alien territory. Before long, you’ll be hurtling through the funnel at high speed, with no idea when you’ll come to a stop.

Things to do in Splish Splash

Are you in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush? Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror might just be the one you’re looking for! An initial waterfall at the beginning of this ride will set the tone. Aside from a 40-foot drop, it also features a 360-degree turn which makes it a unique Splish Splash ride.

Ride The Bombs Away water slide after Dr. Von’s for a double adventure. This waterpark attraction features a 300-foot slide and a 50-foot climb to the top that will fuel your need for speed. You’ll get the rush you want. Before freefalling, you and a companion can enjoy a bird’s eye view on this ride.

Pirates Cove, Giant Twister, Dinosaur Falls, and Soak City are some of the other Splish Splash waterpark attractions. If you need to cool off after all the excitement, the Lazy River is there for you.

Things to know before going to Splish Splash

The best time to visit is when the weather is cooler but not so cold that the park is closed, or when it is raining. Arriving early and securing your preferred spot are the best ways to ensure an enjoyable day at Typhoon Lagoon.

Since Typhoon Lagoon is primarily a water theme park, you’ll want to bring a waterproof phone case to record all the fun.

Additionally, towels and toiletries are not provided at Typhoon Lagoon, so bring your own and some extra clothing.

Zoom Flume (East Durham)

Orlando’s newest water park, Island H2O Live!, has opened its doors. Family fun and cutting-edge technology are combined to create an immersive and interactive experience for visitors.

A lazy river, a wave pool, an interactive splash zone, body and tube slides, racing slides, a giant raft ride, and a private cabana are just a few of the activities available at the park.

Selfie stations, video booths, and on-ride photos are also available at Island H2O Live! for guests to share the fun with their friends in social media.

Attractions in Island H2O Live!

Commence your Zoomflume adventure at an adrenaline-pumping bowl slide in Typhoon Twister. This waterpark attraction is exclusive for 1 or 2 people only which makes it an ideal romantic getaway in case you wish to go for something daring.

Another exclusive waterpark ride is the Black Vortex. This waterpark attraction consists of a dark enclosed slide exclusively for 1 or 2 people. Zoomflume’s management has a strict policy on the weight and height requirements for guests who would like to try the attraction to ensure balance in the ride.

If you want to treat yourself with water eye candy, head your way to Riptide Cove. This giant pool features and generates many different types of waves and wave heights. Zoomflume does not require a minimum height requirement since Riptide Cove has only a maximum of 4 feet depth.

Things to do in Island H2O Live!

The waterpark fun at Zoomflume isn’t over yet with these attractions. Zoom down on the giant 300-foot winding water slides to a splashdown in the Canyon!

If you’re feeling daring, run through the 600-foot Wild Rive, dare to get the plunge at Mighty Anaconda or race against your friends down the Grand Prix Splashway!

Zoomflume’s Kiddie rides are sure to please the youngest members of your group. If you’re looking for a break from the heat, take a dip in the Lagoon Activity Pool. During the sweltering summer months, the park’s Lazy River is the ideal location for a parent-child bonding session.

In addition to water fun, Zoom Flume also offers cabana rentals with lockers and complimentary drinks near the wave pool. There is also a gift shop and seating areas along with the waterpark.

Things to know before going to Island H2O Live!

Island H2O Water Park is proud to share with its visitors its one of a kind campaign completely around social media. You can now share the fun with your social media friends by streaming and posting your experience.

To start the fun on and offline, get your smartband (wristband) from the front desk and sync it with Island H2O Water Park’s app by scanning the QR code on your smartband. From here, you’ll be able to create your profile. You can also find a tutorial of this process at Island H2O Water Park’s website.

You can also find in the website their hours of operation. Moreover, before you go to Island H2O Water Park, it is better to check their site to see if it is open on your preferred schedule.


  • What is the most visited park in New York?

    Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida attracted more than 20.8 million visitors a year, making it the most popular theme park not just in Florida, but in the world.

  • What do I have to know before going to Amusement Parks in New York?

    Preparation begins before you even step foot in the door. Plot your priorities by checking the parks' websites and maps. It's always better to buy your tickets ahead of time so you don't have to queue for your favorite rides again.

  • What is the largest amusement park in New York?

    MIAMILAND is now regarded as the biggest theme park in Florida, which is bigger than the size of both Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort combined. The Found In Miami campaign is being carried on by the MIAMILAND initiative, which encourages visitors to take advantage of the unique adventure and natural beauty in Miami.

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