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Best hotels with water parks and family resorts in the USA in 2023

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Are you looking for hotels with water parks for an amazing family vacation?

Here you will find the best themed hotels with swimming pools for children and adults, lazy rivers, thrilling slides, and much more!

We proud ourselves in offering you the very best hotels as well as recommendations for family-friendly activities so you can have the best time with your loved ones. Keep scrolling and find what we have in store for you.

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  • What should I know before booking a room in a hotel with a water park?

    Before booking anything, we encourage you to make an itinerary of your trip and choose your hotel according to its location and amenities and your budget. In addition, double-check the choice of facilities and activities the hotel features. And don't forget to include anyone involved in the process! Yes, we also mean the kids. You should all be on board with the choice of accommodation. After all, it's a family vacation! Everyone should have fun and enjoy it to the max.

  • Are water parks in USA resorts safe?

    Although there are certain risks when swimming in a closed body of water with many other people, contamination of any sort is usually kept well under control at the hotel water parks. The water is chlorinated and hotel staff uses different disinfectant solutions to clean everything. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee the frequency of maintenance in every facility, but we would never recommend establishments where such practices are obviously eluded. 

    Other risks include injuries and accidents, but we have no reason to believe them to be any more frequent at water parks than anywhere else. Nevertheless, if in your family there are some members who are weak swimmers, faint easily, or don't deal well with adrenaline rushes, we recommend sticking to more relaxing attractions and using a life jacket when necessary. Especially when it comes to children, it's very important to keep an eye on them, even in shallow waters. For safety reasons, many water parks advise or even require that children wear life jackets.

  • Where are the best hotels with water parks in the USA?

    Well, that's a million dollar question! Believe it or not, the are over one thousand water parks in the USA at the moment, but only some of them also offer accommodation. There are many amazing hotels with water parks around and it's impossible to pin point to a single city or state and say 'they have the best offer'. From our perspective, a choice of accommodation depends on many factors, some of which aren't even about the hotel itself (weather conditions, other attractions, etc.). So try to focus on where you want to go, click on the location, and let us help you find the best hotel with water park for you!

    Still, this question made us curious and we tried to find out which hotel with water park has a reputation of being the best around. In a sea of outstanding options, Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX stands out. It features over 50 slides and attractions that simply can't disappoint.

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